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You don’t need to unscrew other people’s lightbulbs to make sure that the spotlight of success is all yours.

Don’t use personal pronouns where you probably should or could be saying “we” and “us.”

One can be both sincerely modest and endearing at the same time, without effort.

There is power in humility.

Share the spotlight and use it to help lead the way for everyone.



Let the past go

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May these dark months have been merely one chapter in our lifelong pursuit of happiness, kindness, humility, peace, dignity, love, and understanding.

May the future look back at us with absolution, wishing that we’d understood that all we really have is now and that we need not be afraid of turning the pages.

The future is unwritten, yet it’s all we have and it starts today.

We can stubbornly attempt to influence it, yet we’ll still never see it coming.



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322,022 people and rising.

One hundred 9/11's.

Younger people who won’t have the thrill of getting fake ID’s which won’t work, causing them to walk the streets of Manhattan until dawn. Those who won’t be eyewitnesses to the future of hip hop, freeze their asses off standing in Times Square on New Year's Eve or get to an age where they’d appreciate Sinatra and Scotch following a life they are proud of.

Older folks whose hair won’t fall out or turn grey, won’t dance at their children’s weddings, won’t take nine years to rebuild that ’72 Pontiac GTO, won’t travel the world, or write the great American novel.

We each go into 2021 emptier for their losses, but hopefully having learned a thing or three.

May they Go in Peace and not in vain.