Pull up a Seat

James O'Flaherty
2 min readMar 5, 2021


We’re not so different — you, me, and that person far away, perhaps in a so-called “flyover” state. I try to keep these topics from my children, but the 8-year-old heard and asked about George Floyd this past summer. At the same time I discussed the topic, I was sure to discuss the dangers of police work and the experiences of our family members who are in law enforcement.

Her sister, usually more likely to discuss unicorns, really surprised me a few weeks back:

“When I grow up, I don’t ever want to get married, but I do want to have children.”
“Oh, yeah? Smart move,” I replied.
“But, I worry,” she whispered.
“Why?” I asked.
“If I have a dark or black child, everyone will hate my family or put my children in cages.”

Let that sink in for a while. I still am.

Photo by Bermix Studio on Unsplash

We’re not so different, you and me, a business owner who wants everyone to pay a fair share of taxes, but no more. Our roads, the military, and every necessary expense in between do not get funded with fairy dust, so I’ve no patience for tax-evading “patriots.” Long prison sentences for CEOs whose companies knowingly hire undocumented immigrants are fine by me.

Want to go game hunting? Whatever. Just follow the hunting laws. Want low taxes? Me too. Hate government waste and abuse. Damn straight. Don’t like it when friends and family of elected officials get sweetheart deals or no-show jobs? Me too, no matter what their political affiliation.

When the US prevents terrorist attacks, no matter who is our president, I am grateful to our military.

I respect our law enforcement community immensely, but most would agree changes need to be made to recruiting training, and more clearly defining their role, both for their safety as well as that of the general public.

We’re not so different, you and me.

Pull up a chair.



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